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Auto-Chlor System is more than just a company to work for, it’s a team. We are excited to give you a glimpse into what life and teamwork is like at Auto-Chlor System!

Throughout our 80 year history, Auto-Chlor System has stood on two pillars: leadership and people.

We strive to have a company culture that focuses on our company objectives of People First, High Quality Service (“HQS”), Growth and Expansion. High Quality Service is what we consider to be servant leadership to our people and our customers.

People First means communicating to connect with each other, promoting from within, recognizing efforts and results, having a safety focus to protect our teams, our customers and our communities, and a healthy work-life balance.

At the end of the day, we want to be a good place for people to work and grow. We want to provide opportunities for people to reach their highest potential with good wages and benefits to allow each team member a wholesome lifestyle for themselves and their families.

No matter if you are a potential candidate or just viewing our page, we hope you will share the excitement and results of our People First culture.

Let’s have some fun together!

80 years of service
Our Story

Auto-Chlor System began in 1938 in Memphis, Tennessee, when mechanical engineer James D. Robinson developed the automatic chlorinating device that gave the company its name. The Ivy organization began as a one-person operation in 1961 when Jerry Ivy set up shop in his basement in Seattle, Washington, as a dealer of Mr. Robinson. By 1962, Auto-Chlor System of Washington had more than 50 dishwasher and 100 hand accounts in the Seattle-Tacoma region.

The Auto-Chlor system we know today began in 2008 when the Ivy dealership group purchased the parent company of Auto-Chlor System, located in Memphis, Tennessee.


Our Vision, Values and Mission

Our vision is simple: Be the best service company in the world. Our core values of service to each other, our customers and our community, dedicated teamwork, the highest personal integrity and growth and expansion support the fulfillment of our vision. Our mission is to be a great place to work while we serve the community of restaurant owners and the public that visits them and this guides our work and interactions each and every day.

Positive Momentum

We are driven by Positive Momentum. Our people, their work and their success is Positive Momentum and the source of our continual expansion. It drives our superior service and attracts great people to our team. Positive Momentum is the journey from the past to the roadmap of the future.