Life at Auto-Chlor System

Overall the best thing about Auto-Chlor System is the people and atmosphere. The company as a whole is like a family, anytime you need help you can call and everyone is more than happy to help you.

- Ray D., Outside Sales

I have grown since I have joined Auto-Chlor System. I look at the way I used to approach issues and I can say that I know that I approach them in a better and more appropriate manner now. I have also noticed that a lot of the training I have received here has carried over to my life outside of work.

- Steve H., Outside Sales


I enjoy my job and the customers. The retirement plans are awesome! I was looking for a career and I found it!

- Courtney A., Outside Sales

I like the independence given to me by management. I feel empowered to make my own decisions and that the management will back my decisions

- Josh C., Route Supervisor



We offer a variety of unique service opportunities that fit your skill set and are all platforms for promotion opportunities!

A Service & Sales Representative has a designated route and performs a full service walk through at each of our customer sites. As an SSR you build relationships with our customers and ensure they are happy with our service and replenish their chemical product supply based on their needs. You have the opportunity to earn more money by up-selling our additional products like our environmentally friendly and EPA Certified products! If you love talking to people and being in the know of the newest restaurants and bars in town this position is for you.

Another great opportunity is our machine installer position. They are responsible for installing our equipment at new locations, ensuring equipment functions properly and training our customers on how to use our equipment. This position will give you the opportunity to be a part of our customers’ success as well as yours.

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Our Outside Sales Representatives bring in new business working in a protected territory. You will be cold calling door to door to some of the best restaurants in your areas. You will have the opportunity to develop relationships with restaurant owners and build a professional network within the hospitality community. Outside Sales Representatives prospect and build a pipeline of leads, negotiate agreements and ensure the client receives high quality service.

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Field Support and Manufacturing

We also offer a variety of opportunities not found in the field. Our facilities in Memphis, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia, develop and manufacture our equipment and environmentally sustainable soaps and cleaning products. Our corporate office in Mountain View, California, hosts our IT, payroll, safety, and accounting and Human Resources departments. These departments help support the smooth functioning of operations for our field staff. All these positions offer great learning opportunities and skills advancement.

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We have a variety of leadership opportunities and pride ourselves in succession planning and training to promote from within. Our People First promise is our commitment to your personal and professional growth. Leadership roles include Supervisors, Sales and Service Managers, Branch Managers, and Regional Managers.

In these positions you will be responsible for ensuring high quality service by driving sales growth, upholding our People First mindset, leading by example, developing team members and improving safety practices while managing efficient branch operations. You ensure our team is performing high quality service for our valued customers. You lead by example and inspire our teams to be their best and do their best every day.

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